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JOKERBET - a new unique and very simple card game that runs in LIVE mode around the clock. The dealer leads the game and welcomes players with each new card distribution.

During regular intervals within one card distribution, the dealer opens only one card. Jokerbet uses one deck of 54 cards (a standard deck with two jokers - red and black) with a shirt in red or blue. When a deck of one color ends, it is replaced by a deck of a different color, and thus the game goes on continuously.

At the broadcast, players are shown a digital analogue of the deck, which reflects the LIVE situation of opening cards from the deck. When each new card is opened in the studio on the table, the broadcast also displays a new opened card, which is added to the history of the previously opened cards of the current draw. At the same time, the number of the cards that not yet opened of the deck during the distribution decreases.

Thus, players can see which cards from the deck are already opened and which are not, making their decision on the bet. And what is important, with each ending of the deck they can be sure of the full set of cards dealt - the integrity of the game. All deck change and deck shuffles are carried on air.

The simplicity of the rules of the game Jokerbet offers a simple set of betting options: the exact value of the next card, the suit, the color of the card, the card with a digital or non-digital value.

Before each current card dealing player can bet on it and on the next card dealing. At the same time, the bets of different draws can be combined both within the framework of Jokerbet and within the framework of other TV BET games offered by the betting shop to receive a complex and improved odds.

In addition to winning, players can get one of the jackpots, which can be three in the game.


    1. Odds - a numeric multiplier with thousandths of decimal points assigned to a specific type of game outcome, which determines how many times the player’s bet on this type of outcome will be increased to determine his winnings if the outcome of the game and the outcome or his condition matches. The magnitude of the odds determines the mathematical probability of the outcome - the closer the coefficient is to one (1.000), the more likely the outcome or its condition will coincide with the result of the game;
    2. Card attributes - the characteristics of any card from the deck, by which it can be distinguished from other cards of the deck: value, color, suit;
    3. Value - one of the three attributes of the card, its index number in the deck sequence from two to joker (2 - two, 3 - three, 4 - four, 5 - five, 6 - six, 7 - seven, 8 - eight, 9 - nine , 10 - ten, J - jack, Q - queen, K - king, A – ace, J♕ - joker);
    4. Suit - one of three attributes of the card that can have four kinds (hearts ♥, diamonds ♦, spades ♠, clubs ♣) and is marked on the card together with a value;
    5. Color - one of the three attributes of the card, the color of its suit and the value drawn on it. Cards of hearts and diamonds and one joker are red, spades and clubs and another joker are black;
    6. Deck - a set of 54 (fifty four) cards, consisting of thirteen cards of all values for each of the four suits as well as two jokers of red and black color. Each card has got its unique barcode;
    7. Digital LIVE deck analogue -
    8. Shoe - a gaming device from which cards are dealt for the dealer and the player during the game;
    9. Discard tray - a gaming device, where the cards are discarded after the end of the round and determination of the result of the game;
    10. New shoe - a gaming device with a new shuffled deck of cards, which substitutes the shoe when there are no cards left in it;
    11. New deck - a deck with a shirt of a different color that does not participate in the game until the cards of the current draw are not finished (one card remains). A new deck is formed from all the cards that have been already dealt (cards from the discard tray and the last card from the shoe) and receives the status of “new” only when it is reshuffled by the assistant dealer. After this, a new deck is placed on the table on the dealer's right hand in the new shoe and such deck can be used in the following draws;
    12. Card dealing - one of the continuous recurring stages of the game for opening a single card of a deck, which is identified by an identification number and consists of two periods: 1) the time period for accepting bets on the card being opened and 2) the dealer’s game actions on opening this card from the deck and placing it into the discard tray;
    13. Cutting card - a special plastic black card from both sides that is not used in the game, but is only intended to cover the lower card’s face of the deck after mixing to hide it;
    14. Opened cards – cards of a single deck that were withdrawn from the shoe after a certain number of rounds and their values were shown to the participants on the table, and also displayed on the broadcast in the digital LIVE analogue deck;
    15. Non-opened cards - cards of a single deck that have not yet been withdrawn from the shoe after a certain number of rounds and are closed at the broadcast in the digital LIVE analogue deck;
    16. New opened card (result of the dealing) - the card that was drawn by the dealer from the shoe in the current distribution and put on the table face up with its value displayed above the digital LIVE analogue of the deck as a separate large picture, and in the list of all cards in the digital LIVE analogue of the deck among non-opened cards it becomes opened;
    17. Non-digital card - three cards from a complete order of card values, namely: jack, queen, king, ace and jokers;
    18. Digital card - ten cards from the full order of card values, namely: two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten;
    19. Round of bets - the time interval in the form of countdown, allocated for receiving bets on the outcome of the line and with its end signaling the revealing of the next card;
    20. Bet - one of the outcomes proposed in the line; It’s chosen by the player, who believes it will match with the result of the game by value or condition;
    21. Betting sum - the amount of money that the player offers to the betting company so that in case his bet(s) is well-played, it will be recalculated into the winning amount together with the coefficient;
    22. Current draw - a game that you can bet on at the current moment, and the LIVE broadcast monitor shows a countdown to the start of the LIVE broadcast with the drawing of this game;
    23. Following draws - games that you can bet on at the current moment, but the broadcasts of these games will take place one by one after the LIVE broadcast of the current game;
    24. Coupon (ticket) - an electronic or printed document confirming the deal between player and betting shop for one or more bets. The coupon has the following details: date, time, coupon number, rate information, total amount of bets, total coefficient, type of bet (single bet, express or system) and other. The coupon allows you to add bets on the current and / or the upcoming games within one type of game, as well as add bets between different games;
    25. Regular coupon (ticket) - a type of coupon where the bets, odds and winnings are calculated according to the rules of the single bet;
    26. Combination coupon (ticket) - a type of coupon where the bets, odds and winnings are calculated according to the rules of the express or system;
    27. Single bet - a type of coupon calculation where the winning is obtained by simply adding the winnings from each bet that is part of the coupon;
    28. Accumulator - a type of calculation of a combinational coupon, where the winning equals multiplying the total amount of the coupon bet by the total factor, which is calculated by multiplying the outcome rates which the accumulator consists of, only provided that all outcomes are played;
    29. Line - a complete list of all types of outcomes offered to players with the following parameters: outcome code, type names of (winning conditions) outcome and its odds. Bets on the game are accepted only within the framework of the outcome of the line;
    30. Outcome - one of the variations of the line, the exact result or the condition of coincidence with it, which with some probability can predict the result of the game and this is expressed in the value of the odds for this outcome;
    31. Outcome code - a unique number of the outcome of the game, indicated in the printed line or on the broadcast monitor, according to which this outcome can be determined in the program of the betting shop;
    32. Jackpot - an additional possible bonus to winning of a coupon (ticket), which falls out randomly. The size and type of the current jackpot is displayed on the game broadcast monitor and is played within all other games.

    1. The game takes place in the LIVE mode of consecutive opening of cards from the deck of the shoe. During each card dealing only one card is dealt face up;
    2. The goal of the game is to guess any of the properties of the next card to be opened (exact value, color, suit, number or non-number) that will be revealed according to the options proposed in the Jokerbet Line (pp.2.2.);
    3. The result of each card dealing (p.1.16) or draw is a new card of the deck put on the table in the studio;
    4. There is a digital LIVE analogue of the deck (pp. 1.7.) of cards in the broadcast, which in LIVE mode is associated with a real deck in the shoe in the studio by scanning the barcode of the card and it displays the LIVE situation after revealing cards from the deck;
    5. All opened cards of the past distributions in the framework of a single deck are displayed on the broadcast in the digital LIVE analogue deck with the cards that have not yet been opened;
    6. Each new opened card at the time of its withdrawal from the deck is immediately displayed on the broadcast in the digital LIVE analogue deck of the game and is added to the number of opened cards among all the opened and not opened cards of the deck. This happens as long as there is only one (1) card left in the shoe and the deck is replaced;
    7. If there is only one card left in the shoe, the dealer replaces the deck with a new one, which is to the right of her, and the assistant receives the played cards, mixes them and prepares a new deck from them. At the same time, during the broadcast, all the cards in the digital LIVE analogue of the deck become closed, the dealing of the first card of the deck begins, the first card of the deck is opened on the table;
    8. The last card of the deck is not scanned but is shown to all players on the camera;
    9. The time of each card dealing consists of the time for the dealer's actions (withdrawing the card, scanning, opening, retracting the card into the discard tray) and the betting round;
    10. Each current card dealing has only one round of betting for the formation of simple and / or combined tickets:
      1. The round of bets in the current hand lasts for 15 (fifteen) seconds;
      2. In the current card dealing, one or more outcomes can be added to the same coupon. Participants can place bets on several outcomes of one game, but only as a single bet;
      3. In the framework of the betting round for the current card dealing, except for the current deal, player can add only one outcome from any upcoming Jokerbet games to the accumulator coupon;
      4. As a part of the betting round for the current deal player can add only one outcome from any other Jokerbet game and other TVBET games to the accumulator coupon, taking into account the countdown to the new round or the start of the LIVE broadcasts of these deals (so that the combined outcomes are not out of date until the coupon is accepted);
    11. The amount of winnings on a combination coupon is calculated by a complex odds of the accumulator multiplied by the amount of the bet;
    12. If in a combination coupon with any bets the result of a game has been canceled for technical or other reasons, then the outcome odds for all bets on this game change by one (1.000) and participate in the calculation of the new total coupon odds;
    13. When winning the jackpot, the winner is provided with a corresponding message in the coupon and broadcast;
      1. Jackpot may be achieved only with the winning coupon.
      2. The amount of jackpot winning is added to the amount of the winnings of the coupon.
    14. The parameters of the games, which are regulated by the betting shop:
      1. Jackpot Management;
      2. The maximum and minimum amount of the bet, the maximum win on the coupon or the outcome and other financial limits;
      3. The size of the odds in the line and their change.

    1. The betting round. The time interval before the opening of a new card, during which it is possible to accept bets on the exact value of this card or one of its properties. The round of betting begins after the dealer has put the opened card of the previous deal into the discard tray and the broadcast has started a countdown to the time when the bets were accepted. The round of betting ends with the expiration of the countdown time and the subsequent opening of a new card;
    2. Opening the card. The result of the distribution (game). After the end of the countdown time for accepting bets, the dealer opens a new card from the shoe and shows it to the participants - the value of this card is the result of the current deal. The opened card is on the table for a few seconds and then it goes face down into the discard tray. After that, a round of betting on a new card to be opened takes place. Thus, everything repeats until there is only one card left in the deck, which makes it necessary to change the deck;
    3. Changing the deck in the normal course of the game:
      1. The condition for changing the deck in the normal course of the game is that in the shoe where the cards are dealt after the current distribution, one (1) card remains; the dealer announces that a new deck will be put into the shoe;
      2. The process of changing the deck in the normal course of the game: as soon as the dealer opened the penultimate card of the deck, announcing the deck change, she removes the last unopened card from the shoe and shows its value to the participants and moves it to the played cards. The shoe becomes empty. After that, the dealer takes a new deck with shuffled cards to her right, inserts it in the shoe and continues the game process - opens the first card of the new deck in the next betting round. The deck change procedure is conducted in real time so that the replacement process can be easily observed;
    4. Shuffle cards. Shuffling of cards can be carried out by an assistant dealer in parallel or a little after the deck replacement process. When the dealer showed and put away the last card of the deck to the discard tray, she (or her assistant) grabs all the played cards from the discard tray and puts them to the right of the dealer for subsequent shuffling. At the moment when the dealer has already replaced the deck and is dealing cards, the assistant to her right shuffles the cards. After a thorough shuffling, the played cards become the future new deck and go into the shoe of the new deck.

    1. Jokerbet game can be cancelled for the following reasons:
      1. The scanner did not scan the card or the newly opened card on the broadcast does not match the newly opened card on the table in the studio;
      2. A technical problem has occurred (Internet connection failure, technical failure in the studio, dealer’s error).
      3. A mandatory consequence of cancelling the current round is replacing the actual deck with a new deck so that the opening the card for the next round will be legitimate;
      4. Dealer's mistakes that call for the cancellation of the current round and the premature replacement of the deck of cards:
        1. The dealer pulled out two (2) cards instead of one;
        2. A label appears on the card or cards or the cards are damaged;
        3. The card falls off the table or is not visible on the table because of the dealer’s mistake;
        4. Before being scanned, the card or cards in the deck are face up and any of the properties of the card become visible;
        5. The dealer scans the card(s) incorrectly and the displayed card on the broadcast in the digital LIVE deck analogue does not match the card on the table;
      5. Errors that call for the cancellation of the current and all previous rounds of the deck and its premature replacement:
        1. The assistant dealer didn’t shuffle the deck of the played cards by mistake and put it in the box of as the “new deck” and the dealer started using it in the game;
      6. In the case of the cancellation of the round, all bets on it are also cancelled and the amounts of the bets are returned to the players (calculation by a odds to 1);
      7. In the event of a premature replacement of the deck (not in the normal course of the game), the bets on all future rounds of this deck are cancelled and the amount of the bets are returned to the players (calculation by odds to 1);
    2. Technical problems with the broadcast of the LIVE channel in the studio are not the grounds for cancelling the result of the game. The channel is demonstrated only to further confirm that the game is being broadcast live.

    1. Games take place around the clock in LIVE mode, seven days a week with maintenance interruptions;
      1. TV Bet has the right to change the time of the betting round within the betting framework;
      2. To make sure that the game is broadcasted live is possible by financial TV channel, which is on 24/7.
      3. Scheduled maintenance works are held every Tuesday (7:00-8:00 GMT +1).

    1. Only one (1) deck of cards with a shirt of the same color is placed into the shoe and used for the game;
    2. In general, two (2) decks of cards with a red and blue shirt take part in servicing the game process - one deck in the shoe, and the other one as a new deck rests to the right of the dealer;
    3. The game uses a non-standard deck consisting of 54 (fifty-four) cards: a set of cards of a standard deck of 52 cards, as well as two (2) Joker cards of black and red. Each card has a unique bar code that is scanned using the scanner integrated into the shoe when the card is dealt on the table.

    1. One non-standard deck of 54 (fifty four) cards;
    2. A scanner built into the shoe;
    3. Cutting card;
    4. Shoe;
    5. Discard tray;
    6. A new box with a deck of 54 (fifty four) cards;
    7. Special table with a cell for the card to be opened;
    8. Desktop bell for the dealer.

    1. All odds in the Jokerbet line (pp.8.2) are provided for the case when the shuffled deck of 54 cards is placed into the shoe (*);
    2. Jokerbet line: